Bailiff Broker

Our Bailiff Broker is now a verified file issuer with the Swedish Enforcement Agency and holds its own certificate for system testing and its own test stakeholder code. It will be easier and faster for us to carry out end-to-end tests, which results in a smoother testing procedure. Right now, the Swedish Enforcement Agency is… Continue reading Bailiff Broker

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When printing out letters from the debt collection platform Nova an RPR file is created and stored. This file is used for reserve printouts and in Nova history for visibility. Our RPR2PDF converter interprets the RPR format and can be used in web applications as well as in documents archive including meta data. Full support,… Continue reading RPR2PDF

Decision Engine & Bailiff Broker

It is important to contribute to counteracting over-indebtedness, and at the same time important to maintain payment morale. Much responsibility lies with the creditor, but what can the collection agencies do? An important part is to start the summary process, which takes place through the application for a payment order to the enforcement agency. In… Continue reading Decision Engine & Bailiff Broker

My Pages

Self-service portal aimed at those who are in debt with a simple interface for payment, debt overview and the option to register an installment plan. Secure login via Swedish or Norwegian BankID.

Collection Now

A modern creditor insights platform for debt collection agencies using one login for multiple databases with access to all countries and services to which they are entitled. Secure login with MFA.   In the platform, you can easily register, administrate, and follow the progress of your cases, as well as perform actions that improve and… Continue reading Collection Now

Norway & Denmark

Interest Calculation & Limitation If you conduct debt collection in Norway or Denmark, you should immediately ensure that you will pass an audit of interest calculation and limitation of interest and costs. Caporum specializes in the subject and has helped several debt collection companies with version upgrades, updates, configuration, and monitoring. In the most countries,… Continue reading Norway & Denmark