Decision Engine & Bailiff Broker

It is important to contribute to counteracting over-indebtedness, and at the same time important to maintain payment morale. Much responsibility lies with the creditor, but what can the collection agencies do?

An important part is to start the summary process, which takes place through the application for a payment order to the enforcement agency. In connection with this process, a payment remark is created, which in turn stops more purchases being made on credit.

Avoiding the legal process contributes to a certain extent to over-indebtedness, while the goal is to reduce applications to the enforcement agency. A reduced number can be done by collecting all claims directed to the debtor, and starting one process instead of multiple. For each separate application, the debt increases with additional costs.

With our Decision Engine, we help to make the right decision about legal action and combine claims for a joint application against the enforcement authority in cases where this is possible.

Through our product ‘Bailiff Broker‘, we offer full integration with the enforcement agency.