Conprimo AB and Caporum Consulting AB are merging

Caporum consulting och Caporum går samman

Conprimo AB and Caporum Consulting AB are merging and in connection with the merger bringing in Magnus Olofsson as a new partner to strengthen their position in the market.

After 1 year as independent IT consulting companies, we are now merging our operations. We carry out the merger at the same time as we bring in new shareholders including the investor Magnus Olofsson. The purpose of this strategic merger and injection of new capital is to make better use of the companies’ respective strengths and opportunities, as well as to create a stronger unit with increased innovation power and the ability to develop more products that will benefit all our customers.

Conprimo and Caporum with their employees have a long and successful history of cooperation and achievements in our niche. By combining our skills and resources, we create a unique opportunity to take market-leading steps forward and meet the growing demands of customers in an increasingly dynamic and competitive environment.

“This merger feels completely natural as we have a shared history together since 1997 and we obviously want to continue on that journey, this will be a milestone on our new journey. By combining our strengths with Caporum and with new capital, we will be able to offer our customers even better solutions and create new innovative products. Our common goal is to deliver superior quality and increase our competitiveness in the market.”
says Peter Herzig, CEO at Conprimo AB

“We are such a tight team that it would be unthinkable not to continue working together, it really feels good to join forces with Conprimo and I also want to welcome Magnus with extensive experience in our client segment. Our organizations have shared values and a common vision for the industry’s future. By combining our experiences and competencies, we will become even more robust and be able to offer our clients an even broader and deeper portfolio of services.”
Says Camilla Hennemann CEO at Caporum Consulting AB.

“I have also worked with most people in both companies for many years and know what specialist skills they possess, and I genuinely believe in the business plan and what they can create together. I look forward to being able to support the company in its continued journey and to create a real increase in value for the company and its clients.”
says Magnus Olofsson.

The joint brand will be Caporum Consulting AB.